Monarch butterflies are back in Pismo Beach

Monarch butterflies are back in Pismo Beach

The western monarch Butterflies are back in Pismo Beach, and currently there are an estimated 8,000 to 10,000 butterflies at the Monarch Butterfly Grove.

Migrating to the coast of California in high numbers, monarch butterflies have raised hope that this year will be more promising for the beautiful creatures. Many visitors say they can't help but watch.

Amanda Verona of San Bernardino County said, "Just see the beauty. I mean I love butterflies and I have ever since I was little so it's just beautiful."

Jan Ojerholm, California State Park Docent, said this year seems to be more promising for monarch butterflies because more people have planted milkweed in various places and more people have planted nectar plants.

Pismo's microclimate in addition to the protected grove is a big attraction for the monarch butterflies. Around a month ago, more than three dozen cypress trees were planted as several fell during previous season because of dry conditions.

However, the total number of monarch butterflies migrating to the coast of California has tumbled over the past many years. Last year, nearly 28,000 butterflies landed in Pismo Beach, significantly down from more than 31,000 during the previous season.