Mars mission expected to remain a priority under Trump

Mars mission expected to remain a priority under Trump

Over the past many years, President Barack Obama and SpaceX founder Elon Musk made it sound like efforts to send humans to Mars might escape the realm of science fiction in the near future. But, many fear that President- elect Donald Trump may hurt those efforts.

However, Trump advisors Robert Walker and Peter Navarro have put that concern to rest by saying that the next president agrees that the destiny of humans lies in the stars.

In an op-ed published by SpaceNews, the Trump advisors wrote, "Space is the frontier on which American aspiration can become humankind's inspiration. The destiny of a free people lies in the stars. Donald Trump agrees."

Walker, a former U. S. congressman, and Navarro, a professor of economics at UC Irvine, added that human exploration of the whole solar system by the end of current century should be NASA's main focus and goal.

Space policy expert John Logsdon acknowledged that Trump has endorsed space exploration but insisted that it could go either way because it is still unclear whether it will survive Trump's transition into power.

Nevertheless, it seems likely that the upcoming Trump administration will emphasize on humans pushing farther into the solar system but the focus will be on an increased collaboration with commercial enterprises rather than governmental development.