Salmonella risk prompts 4C Foods Corp. to recall grated cheeses

Salmonella risk prompts 4C Foods Corp. to recall grated cheeses

Brooklyn, N. Y.-headquartered 4C Foods Corporation has issued a nationwide recall for some of its grated cheeses after food inspectors detected a possible salmonella contamination risk.

A spokesperson for the food giant confirmed that fears over possible salmonella contamination risk prompted the company to recall its grated Romano, Parmesan and Imported Italian Pecorino Romano cheeses.

Sally McCracken, chief financial officer for the company, confirmed the recall of the products and apologized for any inconvenience created by the decision.

In a newly released statement, McCracken said, "Our products have been known for quality and we apologize to our loyal customers for the concern and inconvenience this causes."

The recalled cheeses are all in vacuum sealed glass jars that "best by" dates ranging from Nov. 12, 2016 to Nov. 12, 2018. They were sold in 6- or 12-jar packages nationwide. A complete list with UPC codes can be downloaded from the company's official website.

Consumption of salmonella contaminated food can led to illness, with symptoms including fever, diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. In very rare cases, the bacteria may enter the victim's bloodstream and cause severe illness.