Culinary journalist suggests way to cook turkey faster

Culinary journalist suggests way to cook turkey faster

While a delicious turkey recipe makes Thanksgiving more appealing, slaving over an oven for hours to prepare a turkey dish is often tiresome and exasperating. However, there is a new time-saving method that can help you a lot.

Suggested by famous culinary journalist Mark Bittman, the time-saving method makes it totally possible to cook a 10-pound turkey at 450 degrees Fahrenheit in just 45 minutes or even less time.

Turkeys are often considered as spheres of raw meat sitting in an oven, thanks to the bird's very plump as well as round shape. The particular shape of the bird makes it pretty difficult to cook it fast as the heat has to travel the longest voyage from its source to the core of the meat.

Thus, the ridiculously time-saving method, described in a video shared by the N. Y. Times, suggests that one should remove the bird's backbone and flattened it out before cooking. It would increase its surface area, allowing it to get cooked faster.

The culinary journalist claims that he himself has successfully used the technique several times over the years. In the latest video, he can be watched cooking the bird in merely 35 minutes.