Nick Cannon criticizes Planned Parenthood

Nick Cannon criticizes Planned Parenthood

American rapper & actor Nick Cannon, one of the most outspoken celebrities, has criticized the controversial Planned Parenthood program, saying it is committing 'genocide' against the black community.

Cannon, known for his outspoken nature, spoke against Planned Parenthood while chatting with the Breakfast Club late last week. His comments against the federal program left many people surprised because he never showed support for Republican president-elect Donald Trump who repeatedly attacked the program during his election campaign.

He was very vocal about supporting neither Trump nor his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton during the presidential race, because of both candidates' poor histories pertaining helping the black community.

However, his comments against Planned Parenthood have placed him in line with Trump who has proposed to scrap the program and cut government support for procedures like abortion.

But, many supporters still insist, "Opposing Planned Parenthood is an unpopular position with American voters of all parties."

In wake of Trump's victory, many women are concerned about losing access to reproductive rights, including birth control as the president-elect has vowed to scrap the program as well as to penalize women who choose abortions and doctors who help women with the controversial procedure.