Scientists struggling to know why tornado outbreaks are on the rise

Scientists struggling to know why tornado outbreaks are on the rise

Incidents of tornado outbreaks are on the rise for the last few years, but scientists are still struggling to figure out what actually is causing the deadly outbreaks frequently.

Tornados can cause huge damages, but tornado outbreaks are even worse. A tornado outbreak occurs in the form of a storm system that spins out more than a half dozen funnels within a limited time and area.

Just a few days back, a cluster of at least 18 tornadoes hit the Southeast. Last year, such outbreaks killed 49 people, and almost 80 per cent of tornado fatalities between 1972 and 2010 took place during these outbreaks.

While many believe that climate change and warming temperatures might be affecting the frequency of tornadoes, but most scientists don't think so.

Michael Tippett, an expert at Columbia University who has long been tracking these outbreaks, said, "The number of tornadoes in outbreaks is increasing … It's not the expected signature of climate change. It could be either something else, or we really don't understand what climate change is doing."

Irrespective of their cause, these tornado outbreaks are increasingly hurting people and businesses like insurers. Bigger outbreaks mean more damage, and hefty payouts.

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