Oculus Rift reorganization creates unusual vacancy at the top

Oculus Rift reorganization creates unusual vacancy at the top

Facebook-owned Oculus Rift virtual-reality (VR) headset manufacturer has recently undergone a reorganization as a result of which an unusual vacancy has been created for the post of a new CEO.

According to a blog post published by Oculus Rift on Tuesday, the reorganization of the company has led to the creation of two divisions --- a PC-focused division; and a mobile-focused division.

With the reorganization of Oculus Rift in place, the company's CEO Brendan Iribe is stepping down from his role, to spearhead the new PC division (the mobile division will be headed by the company's software chief Jon Thomason). As such, there is now a somewhat atypical vacancy at the helm of the already troubled Oculus Rift. 

About Oculus Rift's vacant CEO post, Iribe said in the blog post that he will work together with Thomason and Facebook's Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroepfer to look for a new head for Oculus Rift.

Meanwhile, with regard to Oculus Rift's move to create the new PC and mobile divisions, Iribe said: "With our growth and product strategy, we've decided to establish new PC and mobile VR groups to be more focused, strengthen development and accelerate our road map."