Ohio Gov. Kasich rejects ‘heartbeat bill’

Ohio Gov. Kasich rejects ‘heartbeat bill’

Ohio Gov. John Kasich on Tuesday vetoed the so-called "heartbeat bill," a controversial measure that would have given the state the strictest abortion ban in the entire nation.

However, Kasich also signed a separate measure into law that would prevent abortions after 20 weeks' gestation. Abortion opponents and human rights groups say fetuses start feeling pain when they become 20-week old.

While, Kasich tried to tighten the state's abortion laws by signing the second bill, he faced backlash from conservative Republicans who argued that he could have prevented thousands of abortions by signing the "heartbeat bill," which would have prohibited the procedure as early as six weeks' gestation.

Janet Porter, a northeast Ohio activist, said, "Governor Kasich's political career is over. We must now focus on those who want a future by voting to override Kasich's betrayal and give babies with beating hearts a future."

Rejection of the bill by Kasich represents his increasing clashes with the Republicans. He also threatened to veto a freeze of renewable energy standards. It may be noted here that Kasich had refused to endorse Donald Trump's presidential bid.

In rejecting heartbeat bill, Kasich said the legislation was contrary to the Supreme Court's current rulings on abortion. Some Republican lawmakers also agreed the bill was unconstitutional and that it would have cost the state taxpayers' money to defend it.


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