Pennsylvania announces sites for state-approved marijuana dispensaries

Pennsylvania announces sites for state-approved marijuana dispensaries

The Pennsylvania Department of Health on Thursday announced the sites where the state-approved marijuana dispensaries and cultivation facilities will be located.

The state has been divided into half a dozen medical marijuana regions, with each of those regions allocated a couple of cultivation facilities. The number of dispensaries allocated to each region will be based on numerous factors, including density of population.

Pennsylvania Secretary of Health Dr. Karen Murphy said, "The decision for which counties will be issued permits in this first phase was determined by using the department's medical data, as well as comments from more than 5,000 patients and nearly 900 potential grower/processors and dispensary applicants."

The Southeast Region of the state, which includes Pthiladelphia, will get 10 dispensaries, while rural regions of the state will receive two.

Philadelphia County, Montgomery County and Allegheny County will receive three, two and two marijuana dispensaries, respectively. Montgomery County is mostly comprised of Philadelphia suburbs, while the Allegheny County is home to Pittsburgh, the state's second largest city.

The state has plans to issue licenses for up to 27 medical marijuana dispensaries in the first phase of its medical marijuana program. The application process will start as soon as next month.