Florida scientists offer to brief Trump about impacts of climate change

Florida scientists offer to brief Trump about impacts of climate change

A group of Florida scientists has written a letter to President-elect Donald Trump, offering to brief him about the adverse impacts of climate change.

Republican Trump has repeatedly denied global warming and climate change. During his election campaign earlier this year, he argued that climate change is a “hoax” crafted by the Chinese government to ruin the U.S. economy. More recently, he asserted that no one really knows if climate change is real.

Ten Florida scientists wrote in the letter that climate change is real and it is posing a real threat to the future of Florida. They sought a meeting with him to brief him about the potential threat.

In the newly-written letter, they underlined, “The future of Florida is at stake … We would like to discuss with you the impact that sea level rise will have on properties like Mar-A-Lago.”

Some studies have warned that the likely rate of sea level rise in South Florida will rise by 2 feet by 2050. As the state is flat, even a few inches of rise in sea level means water will push a long way inland. The mangroves lining the shores of Charlotte Harbor, for instance, have retreated equivalent to the length of a football field from where they were five decades ago.

In October, more than two dozen scientists sent a similar letter to Trump, seeking a meeting with the President-elect to show him evidence about climate change. Thus far, they received no response.