Researchers find magnetized waves rippling across Sun

Researchers find magnetized waves rippling across Sun

The National Center for Atmospheric Research’s High Altitude Observatory has announced that the same gigantic, magnetized waves that ripple through the atmosphere of Earth have just been found rippling across the Sun too.

The so-called Rossby or planetary waves typically occur far above the surface of Earth, influencing weather patterns and jet streams. It is the first time that these waves have been discovered across the Sun.

Scientists believe that the discovery of the waves across the sun could explain why solar storms and flares have been so hard for them to predict. Solar storms could become a big issue in future as they can damage satellites in space and power grids on the surface.

Lead researcher Scott McIntosh said in a statement, “The discovery of magnetised Rossby waves on the Sun offers the tantalising possibility that we can predict space weather much further in advance.”

The discovery of the gigantic, magnetized waves rippling across the Sun was detailed in the most recent edition of the journal Nature Astronomy.