Fraunhofer ISE develops EV solar roof with highly efficient solar cells

Fraunhofer ISE develops EV solar roof with highly efficient solar cells

Germany-based Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (Fraunhofer ISE) has developed solar roofing for electric vehicles (EVs), in an apparent effort to increase their driving range.

The solar roofing for EVs will be introduced by Fraunhofer ISE at the upcoming IAA event in Frankfurt this month. At the event, the Institute will present two solar EV roofs in different colors.

The EV solar roofing developed by Fraunhofer ISE -- located in Freiburg -- comprises highly efficient solar cells which can be incorporated into the pre-formed solar roof in an unnoticeable manner by coating the roof in any color. The cells can lead to a considerable increase in EV driving range, specifically over short distances.

According to the details shared by Fraunhofer ISE, the solar roof for EVs have a rated output of nearly 210 W/m². Therefore, on a sunny day, the roof can supply a mid-range EV with enough electricity to travel approximately 10 km. As per the Institute’s projections, the solar roof can extend the range of an EV by “about 10 per cent” over a year.

About the rationale behind the potential use of solar roofs in EVs, Fraunhofer ISE Director Andreas Brett said that it is important to “realise a CO2-free energy supply in all sectors.” Brett further added: “In the future, solar modules will be integrated into our already built environment even more, for example into vehicles.”