President Trump’s Approval Ratings Improve Despite the Coronavirus Crisis

President Trump’s Approval Ratings Improve Despite the Coronavirus Crisis

Many believe that the US President Donald Trump and his administration didn’t handle the coronavirus crisis properly, at least initially. The POTUS and his team were accused of spreading misleading information and underestimating the threat of the disease.

And yet, a couple of weeks after COVID-19 hit the USA hard and took the lives of thousands, the approval rating of Donald Trump has improved. The number showed about 40-43% approval around March 13th which is now closer to the 45% mark, according to various polls tracked by the respected website FiveThirtyEight.

Furthermore, some of the biggest sites that offer political betting have decreased the odds for him getting reelected, meaning that Trump has a higher chance to retain the presidency.

That might seem counterintuitive but a quick look at the history books shows a similar pattern. Most US presidents received a boost in their approval ratings during tough historical moments. A good example is George Bush who achieved his highest numbers after 9/11.

Another reason behind the rise of Trump’s approval might be related to the historic $2 trillion package designed to help many Americans survive the economic effects of the coronavirus crisis. The move was conducted by a large group of US politicians from both parties which helped solidify Trump’s position among the both Republicans and Democrats.

It’ll be interesting to see if the process will continue over the next weeks or months, as the coronavirus seems bound to affect the political landscape in the country in the near future.