Elon Musk Ready to Face Arrest but Tesla Motors will Operate from Monday

Elon Musk Ready to Face Arrest but Tesla Motors will Operate from Monday

California Governor Gavin Newsom has tough job of calming Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk and Alameda County authorities to resolve the war of words as Musk wants to open his company’s only manufacturing facility. The controversy started as California governor ordered opening up of many businesses in the state but Alameda County administration hasn’t allowed Tesla Motors to run its facility. Tesla Motors was trying to resolve the issue with Alameda County but so far, the company hasn’t been allowed. Tesla Motors also sued Alameda County.

Musk had earlier threatened to leave California and shift his headquarters to another state. Musk received support from authorities in many states and they welcomed Tesla to open a facility as they are open for business. Governor Newsom informed during his address that he personally knows Musk and respects innovative spirit of Tesla Motors.

Defying the orders from Alameda County, Musk said that Tesla Motors will start operating from Monday. An email was sent to Tesla employees announcing that the company will start operating from Monday. Musk added that the company will operate under strict conditions to ensure safety of everyone. Musk said that he will be present on the factory floor. Musk also announced that he is the one who deserves to be arrested, in case the authorities stick to their stand of keeping Tesla manufacturing closed.

“I have not only known that company but I have known its founder for many, many years,” Newsom said in his daily coronavirus press briefing. “I have great reverence for their technology, for their innovative spirit, for their leadership.”

The police department is avoiding the controversy. Fremont Police Department on Monday said her office was enforcing the lockdown order at the direction of the health department and had been advised that the county is working with Tesla directly.

Alameda County officials have not made any public statement regarding Tesla Motors opening its facilities. Automobile companies across the country have started operating under strict conditions to check the spread of COVID-19.