Indiana regulator to review Spectacle Jack’s license application for Vigo County Casino

Indiana regulator to review Spectacle Jack’s license application for Vigo County Casino

The Indiana Gaming Commission has confirmed that it will hold a meeting this coming Friday to review Spectacle Jack LLC’s license application for opening a casino in Vigo County.

Spectacle Jack in partnership with its Florida-based gaming & hospitality collaborator Hard Rock International is seeking the state gaming regulator’s permission to construct a 100,000-square-foot inland casino in the Vigo County of Terre Haute.

The planned casino, which will operate under the brand name of Hard Rock and will be named Rocksino, will bring table games, sports betting, slot machines etc. for betters. In addition, the planned facility includes an entertainment theater with three hundred seats and multiple dining outlets. The construction of the facility will cost nearly $125 million and could potentially generate more than six hundred jobs, according to a newly released statement by Spectacle Jack.

The seven-member panel will hold the meeting virtually through internet as corona virus-induced lockdown has paused the movements of even state officials.

Previously, Spectacle Jack LLC operated a couple of Majestic Star riverboat casinos in Gary. After the Indiana gaming regulators approved a major gambling reform in summer last year, the casino operator was permitted to use one of its Majestic Star licenses to build a casino resort in Gary. The other license was voluntarily submitted by the casino company to the state gambling regulator. Later, it filed an application for the vacant license that the state gaming regulator had selected for a casino in the area of Terre Haute. Spectacle was the lone applicant for that license.

The meeting to review the license application for the proposed Terre Haute casino was originally supposed to take a decision on the proposed casino in March this year, but it was postponed after news emerged that the applicant was allegedly involved in a political scandal occurred in 2015.

The reports of scandal started emerging in January. According to the reports, a Virginia court was prosecuting a federal elections campaign case, in which Spectacle Entertainment and its parent firm Spectacle Jack’s executives were allegedly involved.

As per court papers, a Maryland-based political consultant admitted in the court that funds were illegally directed from an Indiana-based casino operator to a state lawmaker in year 2015. The illegal money was used in a campaign for former Indiana Senator Brent Waltz, who ran for the U.S. House of Representatives during the same year.