Hard Rock Casinos in Florida may reopen soon and attract large crowds: Jim Allen

Hard Rock Casinos in Florida may reopen soon and attract large crowds: Jim Allen

Hard Rock casinos in the sunshine state of Florida may reopen before the end of this month, and will likely attract large swarms of guests, company chairman Jim Allen anticipated in a recent interview.

Allen said that Hard Rock casinos would take a state-by-state and nation-by-nation approach to reopening after prolonged coronavirus lockdown. In addition to eleven domestic and global casinos, Hard Rock owns entertainment properties in more than six dozen countries, including 180 cafes and two dozen hotels.

Speaking on the topic, Allen added that the company was anticipating large number of guests but only 50 per cent of the casinos’ maximum capacity would be allowed to ensure safety of the guests as well as employees.

Anticipating large crowds, Mr. Allen said, “We’re anticipating very large crowds,” Allen said. “Our max capacity that we’re going to allow is about 50 percent, as we kind of navigate – most importantly – the safety of our guests and our employees.”

There are six Hard Rock casinos in Florida and all of them are owned by the Seminole Tribe of Florida. The tribe also owns multiple gaming properties in Atlantic City, Mississippi, Iowa, Nevada, California, Oklahoma, Punta Cana and Canada. The anticipated sooner-than-later reopening of the Hard Rock casinos in Florida is good news for the gamers who have long been itching to spin a slot machine or check their luck on a table game.

As the process of reopening of nonessential businesses like casinos has started across the nation, casino operators are trying to find out whether people are once again ready to flock back to the entertainment facilities. According to a newly carried-out survey from Piplsay research, 64 per cent of people across the United States are of the view that reopening businesses in May is too soon.

Coeur d’Alene Casino Resort in Idaho, a tribal entertainment venue, is one the few casinos that have already reopened. When it reopened its gates earlier this month, it saw large crowds. Mr. Allen is expecting the same in Florida. However, that is not his biggest concern because he is more concerned about Hard Rock’s business in the third and fourth quarters of this year and the first quarter of 2021.

When guests will enter the Hard Rock casinos once they are reopened, their experience will be quite different as they will see plexiglass separating dealers from gamblers, vacant gaming positions among players, and blackjack tables having dividers with a maximum of four players. In addition, guests and team-members will have to wear face masks.