Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak sets June 4 as Target date for reopening of Casinos

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak sets June 4 as Target date for reopening of Casinos

Nevada’s COVID-19-hit gaming-driven economy may soon begin recovering as Governor Steve
Sisolak announced on Friday that June 4 has been set as the target date for casinos to reopen across the state.

All casinos across the Silver State, including those on the Las Vegas Strip, suspended their operations in mid-March after Gov. Sisolak issued “stay at home” as part of the government’s efforts to curb the deadly corona virus and prevent it from spreading further. As Nevada’s economy is mainly dependent on casino and gaming business, prolonged shutdowns caused thousands of lay-offs and severely hurt the overall economy.

The tentative reopening date set by the state governor will be considered by the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) during a meeting, which is scheduled to take place on coming Tuesday.

Announcing the target date, Governor Sisolak said, “Pending the evaluation of trends in our data and results of this meeting, I have set a target date of June 4, 2020, for reopening Nevada’s gaming industry.”

In case, the NGCB gives the much-awaited green signal for casinos to reopen on 4th of June, the decision would likely be warmly welcomed by both casino operators and gamblers. As casinos across the Silver State will remained closed during the Memorial Day Weekend, casino operators as well as workers missed out on lucrative profits and tips from guests.

Following months-long shutdown, casino gaming operators are also eager to resume operations. They welcomed the announcement of the target date for reopening of casinos, saying it would likely get them back to business.

The process of reopening of casinos will be a phased process, and casino operators will have to abide by some really strict health safety protocols issued by health authorities. For instance, all casinos will have to sanitize and disinfect their properties before welcoming guests, mark off gaming tables and certain other areas to ensure proper social distancing, and ask guests and workers to wear facemasks to prevent potential virus transmission.

Nevada’s economy has been the second-most vulnerable to the corona virus pandemic-induced shutdown, lagging just behind the economy of Maine. After remaining closed for half of March, the Silver State reported its worst monthly revenue in as many as twenty years. The state’s rate of unemployment in March jumped to 28.6 per cent, becoming one of the worst in the nation.