Tesla Model S ‘Long Range Plus’ offers 402 miles range on Single Charge

Tesla Model S ‘Long Range Plus’ offers 402 miles range on Single Charge

Tesla Motors has announced an impressive 402 miles upgrade to range of Tesla Model S. Tesla has been making small improvements in the range of Model S but EPA has given new rating to Tesla Model S “Long Range Plus” model from the company. Tesla informed that many small improvements have led to better range for its electric vehicles.

Tesla Motors stock recently crossed USD 1,000 level and the company has become the most valuable automobile company in the world in June 2020. Tesla stock has witnessed impressive investor confidence as the company has started delivering vehicles at a much better production rate. Few quarters back, production targets were one of the biggest issues on mind of Tesla investors and each time the company missed on its production target, the stock was facing selling pressure.

Recently, Tesla started production at its California facility. Elon Musk had threatened to move production out of California if the local authorities failed to allow the company to operate once the COVID-19 lockdown conditions were eased. The issue has been resolved.

Recently, Tesla also started its facility in Germany, which would cater to the European client base of Tesla Motors. The improved range of Model S is one of the many projects that Tesla engineers have been working on. Tesla is expected to launch some improvements to its Semi-Truck as indicated by Elon Musk on Twitter few days back.