All Macau casino employees to undergo mandatory COVID-19 testing

All Macau casino employees to undergo mandatory COVID-19 testing

The Macau Inspection & Coordination Bureau (DICJ) has declared that all casino employees will need to prove that they have been tested and cleared of COVID-19 by showing a certificate.

The Bureau further explained that if any person fails to show the certificate, he/she would have to undergo COVID-19 testing before entering the facility. Stressing that COVID-19 testing is essential to ensure the safety of casino employees as well as guests, the Bureau claimed that the government has the ability to carry out as many as 16,000 nucleic acid tests daily. Nucleic tests provide results within minutes, thanks to the fast-performing machines’ ability to instantly detect COVID-19 disease-associated nucleic acid.

Casinos across Macau, a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China, have been shuttered as the enclave has remained closed to outsiders due to border and travel restrictions that were imposed more than a couple of months ago as art of the government’s to prevent the spread of the potentially deadly corona virus caused disease and other complications.

Currently, people arriving from only mainland China, Guangdong, Taiwan and Hong Kong have been allowed to enter the SAR, but even individuals from these provinces have to undergo a mandatory two-week quarantine. However, this restriction is going to be partially lifted starting today, 15th of July, for individuals coming from the region of Guangdong, which is the most populous state in China. The relaxation in COVID-19 restrictions for Guangdong residents is expected to provide a big boost to Macau casinos as this province last year accounted for nearly 46 percent of all casino visits to Macau.

As authorities are expecting an influx of traffic following relaxing the restrictions, they are trying to ease concerns over a potential new wave of COVID-19 infections by proactively testing casino entrant.

Making the announcement, the DICJ said, “Before a gambler will be granted access into a Macau casino, the person will then need to complete a health declaration statement asserting that they have no known sickness, nor have been around someone ill within the prior 14 days. People wanting to gamble must also present a “valid nucleic acid test” document showing they have been recently tested for the corona virus and found to be negative.”

The Bureau also declared that the process of testing casino employees for the potentially deadly virus will start with a few coming days, and front line workers like table game dealers, cashiers, and security guards will be prioritized.