Las Vegas Strip impeding country’s fight against corona virus pandemic: Experts

Las Vegas Strip impeding country’s fight against corona virus pandemic: Experts

The Las Vegas Strip, which is known for some of the world’s most renowned gambling and entertainment properties, has been accused of becoming an impediment in the country’s fight against corona virus pandemic by health experts.

Home to MGM Grand, Caesars Palace, Sahara Las Vegas and the Bellagio Casino; the Las Vegas Strip is reportedly becoming a breeding ground for the potentially corona virus infection that has already claimed thousands of lives across the United States. Las Vegas Strip gambling properties started resuming operations in early June following their 78-day mandatory shutdown. Since their reopening, an increasing number of people who visited a property on the Las Vegas Strip are being tested positive for the Covid-19 virus.

A New York City-based nonprofit news organization ProPublica, which conducts investigative journalism in the interest of the public, assigned tech analytical companies X-Mode and Tectonix with the task to analyze cell phone movements of people who recent visited Southern Nevada.

The review pointed to the link between the Sin City and the rest of the United States. A deeper analysis of the compiled data revealed that more than 26,000 mobile phones visited the Las Vegas Strip during the four-day weekend period in July. After that weekend, those same mobile phones were found ringing in every single state of the country, except Maine.

Commenting on the findings, health and contact tracing experts said that it is due to Americans’ return to highly mobilized lives that continues to facilitate the spreading of the potentially deadly corona virus. Epidemiologist Oscar Alleyne, Chief Program Officer (CPO) at the National Association of County & City Health Officials in Washington DC, said that the continuation of the surge in Covid-19 cases is due to high mobility among people.

Michelle Follette Turk, a health historian at UNLV, said, “Reopening Las Vegas Strip is gambling with lives. The employers are gambling with employee life because they want to make a profit. But employees are gambling with their lives. They need a paycheck.”

The newly-pronounced findings of the review prompted many to put question mark on the government’s decision of reopening the Las Vegas strip properties for the general public amid continued threat of the deadly infection. Crystal Watson, a senior scholar at The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, urged the government to immediately put the gaming properties under lockdown again, arguing that the Las Vegas Strip has become a breeding ground for the virus.