Football legend Tom Osborne urges Nebraska voters to reject casino referendums

Football legend Tom Osborne urges Nebraska voters to reject casino referendums

Opponents of gambling expansion and three proposed casinos have got a major support from football legend Tom Osborne, who is openly urging Nebraska voters to say “no” to casino gambling questions during the November election.

On 3rd of November, Nebraska voters will be asked three questions pertaining to gambling expansion by making amendments in the state’s constitution. More specifically, initiative 429 would change the state’s constitution to allow gambling to be offered at six licensed horse racetracks in the state. Initiative 430 proposes to set up a governing gaming commission, and Initiative 431 proposes for the enactment of a 20 per cent tax on gross gaming revenue (GGR) generated by the proposed gambling facilities.

Osborne, who formerly coached the Nebraska Cornhuskers to multiple college football national championships and later on served the state as a representative in the US Congress, is now leading a campaign to defeat all the three aforementioned casino ballot referendums that seek to expand gambling in the state.

The football legend has always been an opponent to efforts to legalize gambling in the state. He has repeatedly expressed his disapproval for sports betting. He has also openly opposed the three gambling initiatives that will be put in front for state voters to consider during the presidential election in November this year. According to Osborne, the three initiatives would damage quality of living.

Opposing the three initiatives, Osborne said, “We feel that these initiatives are certain to damage that quality of living … More gambling means more money leaving Nebraska — not less — plus addiction, bankruptcy, crime, and destroyed families.”

In an advert from the campaign “Gambling with the Good Life,” Osborne can be seen urging residents of Nebraska to say no to all the three initiatives.

If all three initiatives get approved by the state voters, leading to amendments in the Nebraska Constitution, gambling enthusiasts would be able to enjoy the controversial activity at the Hastings Exposition in Hastings, Ag Park in Columbus, Atokad Downs in South Sioux City, Lincoln Race Course in the capital, Horsemen’s Park in Omaha, and Fonner Park in Grand Island.

All the three aforementioned initiatives must be approved by the state voters to transform the state’s six racetracks into casinos. The initiatives require only a simple majority, but the number of affirmative votes cast for any of the three initiatives must be greater than 35 per cent of the total votes cast in the election.