Canadian PM Trudeau refuses to acknowledge any ties to Chinese man behind illegal gambling operations

Canadian PM Trudeau refuses to acknowledge any ties to Chinese man behind illegal gambling operations

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has refused to acknowledge any ties to Chinese national Wei Wei who has been accused of running an illegal casino in a lavish mansion outside of Toronto. In September, a team of Canadian law enforcement officers raided a large mansion near Toronto, after an informant told detectives that the residential property was being used to run illegal gambling operations catering to VIP gamblers. The operator of the illegal casino was also allegedly involved in human trafficking.

The police operation, dubbed “Project End Game,” also triggered rumors that PM Trudeau might have known Wei Wei, the man behind the illegal casino. It was also alleged that the prime minister might have used the Chinese national to gain financial support for his election campaigns.

Earlier this week, conservatives asked Trudeau about his relationship with the Chinese national involved in the illegal casino operations. Trudeau refused to respond directly, and claimed that he and his government always followed all the rules and regulations around fundraising.

Trudeau stressed that he and his party will go beyond that to make sure that all of their fundraising event are done in public spaces, with media present there to publish the list of donors. But, he did not acknowledge or deny that he had met with Wei Wei any time.

Even before media, he refused to acknowledge any ties to the operator of the illegal casino. He tried to deflect media’s attention away from his alleged ties to Wei Wei by arguing that the Conservatives were trying to use the situation to score political points.

When pressed to say something on the issue, Trudeau said, “I won’t address that question but again, it points out that the Conservatives are focused on scoring political points at a time where Canadians expect people to come together and work for them in this COVID crisis.”

However, someone rightly said that a picture’s worth a thousand words. A photo swirling the print media and Internet shows Trudeau and Wei Wei together in a 2016 meeting of the Canada China Chamber of Commerce Association. In the picture, Wei Wei can be seen among several individuals flanking Trudeau.

PM Trudeau was previously squeezed for allegedly misusing millions of dollars that were supposed to go toward student grant programs. Continued negativity amid his alleged ties with Wei Wei and his appearance of siding with Chinese interests will definitely give his opponents more reasons to demand his resignation.