First Tesla Model 3 yellow cabs hits New York City roads

First Tesla Model 3 yellow cabs hits New York City roads

Tesla Model 3 EV has become the first electric vehicle (EV) to be used as a yellow cab in New York City, a development representing the initiation of the electrification of the city’s iconic fleet of more than 13,000 taxis.

The NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC), which is responsible for overseeing the city’s massive fleet of yellow cabs, approved the Tesla Model 3 EVs to be yellow cabs in the city.
Drive Sally has become the first company to adopt EVs. Bringing electric taxis to the city is also part of authorities’ efforts to trim down carbon emissions in the city. Drive Sally is currently running Tesla Model 3 cabs, which are charged at the company’s garage overnight, only in one shift. While the drivers are excited to drive the EVs, some of them admitted that they develop range anxiety issues after driving for 50 miles or more.

Tesla’s environment-friendly EVs are becoming more and more popular not only as vehicles for the masses for personal use but also as taxis in a growing number of countries in Europe. For instance, the Netherlands already has a fleet of more than one hundred Tesla cars as taxis. It has been using Tesla EVs as taxies at the Amsterdam airport since 2014.

However, EVs have not been as popular in the form of taxis in North America as they are in Europe. However, they are now catching up.

More and more taxi operators, such as New York’s yellow cabs, are now looking to make a shift from conventional vehicles to electric vehicles like the Tesla Model 3 because of impressive benefits and economies of scale they offer. Last year, Columbus Yellow Cab, one of the leading yellow cab operators in the area, announced that it added 10 Tesla Model 3 EVs to its fleet of 170 taxies in order to speed up the electrification of its fleet.

In Madison, a fleet of forty Tesla Model 3 EVs have become the first all-electric taxi service in the entire United States. Departments of police in various states have also started buying and using Tesla Model 3 EVs as part of their fleets of vehicles to chase wrongdoers.

More individuals and companies have started opting for Tesla EVs after realizing that fuel and maintenance savings offered by the EVs in addition to higher mileage can help them pocket bigger profits. The trend is expected to accelerate further in 2021.