Arcimoto creates new Roadster model by chopping top off 3-wheeled e-car’s top

Arcimoto creates new Roadster model by chopping top off 3-wheeled e-car’s top

Eugene, Oregon–headquartered electric vehicle (EV) company Arcimoto has unveiled a new ‘ROADSTER’ model that has been created by chopping off the top of its three-wheeled e-car. The open-top version called the Arcimoto ROADSTER has been built on the same base as the Arcimoto Fun Utility Vehicle (FUV). Like Arcimoto FUV, the newly-unveiled Arcimoto ROADSTER also features 3-wheeled delta-trike setup with a pair of front wheels.

The two wheels in the front have been designed to provide higher stability and control than a typical motorcycle, similar to a conventional car.

While the new Arcimoto ROADSTER shares the 3-wheeled delta-trike setup with a pair of front wheels with the Arcimoto FUV, the new vehicle will obviously provide a different experience from the former as unlike the FUV, it will not allow riders to legally forgo a helmet. It is the semi-enclosed design of the FUV that allows riders to go without a helmet.

Pointing to the new vehicle’s twin-motor front-wheel drive, instant torque and a completely connected seating stance, the company claimed that it would provide riders with a totally unique experience.

Praising the new EV, the company explained, “The Arcimoto ROADSTER is a three-wheeled, open-air vehicle that delivers a driving experience like no other. It features an incredibly low and forward center of gravity, twin-motor front-wheel drive, instant torque, and a fully connected seating stance.”

The Arcimoto ROADSTER unveiled by the company is just a prototype but the company has indicated that it could start producing it for the masses before the end of current year. Production has been a hot topic at Arcimoto lately. According to the company’s claims, it will hit an annual production rate of fifty thousand (50K) vehicles within a couple of years.

Potential customers will be able to get the new Arcimoto ROADSTER delivered at their homes as the company has signed a partnership deal with DHL for offering home delivery service.

Built at Arcimoto’s Oregon factory, the prototype EV offers a maximum speed of 75 miles per hour (mph) with an estimated city range of 102.5 miles. As per the company’s claims, it achieves an efficiency rate of 173.7 MPGe.

While the Arcimoto FUV is available for $19,990, nothing has been revealed about Arcimoto ROADSTER’s price. But, as it will come with a top, it is widely expected to cost less. Moreover, the price will significantly fall with ramping up of its large-scale production.