Nikola Motor electric waste management truck deal with Republic Services cancelled

Nikola Motor electric waste management truck deal with Republic Services cancelled

EV maker Nikola Motor Company has confirmed that its deal with Republic Services to produce and deliver thousands of battery-powered refuse/waste management trucks has been cancelled.

Under the terms of the deal, Nikola was supposed to produce a minimum of 2,500 and up to 5,000 refuse trucks, based on the battery-powered Nikola Tre Truck. The deal was announced in August this year, and the deployment of the first batch of the refuse trucks equipped with both automated side loaders and front-end loaders were to be delivered sometime in 2023. However, the deal collapsed and the order was cancelled.

Confirming the cancellation of the order for the refuse trucks, the EV maker said that longer than expected development time and unexpected costs of the project prompted both parties to cancel the deal.

The company said in a statement, “Both companies determined that the combination of the various new technologies and design concepts would result in longer than expected development time, and unexpected costs. As a result, the program is being terminated resulting in the cancellation of the previously announced vehicle order.”

Mark Russell, chief executive officer of Nikola Motors, added that they support and respect Republic Services’ commitment to achieve environment-friendly, responsible, sustainable solutions for their customers. Nevertheless, he stressed that the decision to cancel the deal was right for both companies because the project would have required large resources and investments.

The main goal of the collaboration was to develop and supply state-of-the-art fully integrated refuse truck based on a zero carbon emissions battery-electric drive platform.

Nikola Refuse Truck would have a range of up to 150 miles (240 km), owing to its battery pack of up to 720 kWh capable of producing 1,000 HP of power.

Republic Services has recently signed up to test Volvo Group’s pre-production Mack LR Electric refuse truck. A number of other automobile manufacturers have already been working on electric waste management vehicles. Chinese automobile manufacturer BYD Co Ltd has introduced a 3.9-ton battery-powered garbage truck that is capable of traveling 100 miles on single charge.

Apart from BYD and Volvo, Daimler has also unveiled electric garbage trucks. Daimler’s new electric truck called eEconic is based on the all-electric Mercedes-Benz eActros. Available in the configuration 6x2/N NLA, this battery-powered e-truck is particularly well suited for urban use in waste management.