GM teases automobile enthusiasts with mysterious electric vehicles at CES

GM teases automobile enthusiasts with mysterious electric vehicles at CES

During the recently-held 2021 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), American multinational automobile manufacturer General Motors (GM) highlighted numerous of its upcoming electric car projects, ranging from electric delivery vans to the Cadillac brand’s flagship Celestiq electric luxury sedan. In the background behind the speakers, the company displayed a collection of anonymous cars. Those mystery cars remained in the dark, albeit their lights were on. While it is possible that they were just generic filler cars or concepts, some automobile industry experts were prompt to predict that some of them could be the company’s future EVs.

Three of the mysterious cars could easily be identified. The mysterious vehicle shown in the center was obviously the electric GMC Hummer. To the left of it seemed to be the Lyriq crossover, while the Celestiq sedan was obviously on the right to it.

As production dates for two of the aforementioned cars have been announced, and the third has already been confirmed for eventual production without timing; one can think that the rest of the mysterious cars are also the company’s upcoming models.

One of the most easily identified EV behind the speaker, in the right behind the Cadillac Celestiq, was obviously a Chevy bowtie. To some, it seemed to be a pickup truck as its nose looked a bit more rounded and swept back than the design of the Silverado truck. The Detroit-based auto giant has previously announced that an electric Chevy truck would be launched as a full-size model that would offer a range of 400 miles on single charge.

Over to the left side, behind the Cadillac Lyriq, were likely EVs that appeared to be a pair of crossovers. The mysterious EV on the far left looked low & curvy, with a fastback roof; while the one on the right side seemed to be taller, boxier and possibly more of a full-size people hauler. Nothing more could be determined about those mysterious EVs.

At the virtual event, GM showed off the Cadillac Celestiq all-electric luxury sedan, and highlighted some of its features. The most notable feature of the upcoming electric sedan is the glass roof made up of four quadrants of smart glass, which would allow up to four passengers to choose transparency settings as per their own desire to let in more or less light according to their need. This flagship electric sedan is expected to enter the production line in the near future.