Attractive lease deals available on Kia Niro EV, Chevrolet Bolt & Nissan LEAF

Attractive lease deals available on Kia Niro EV, Chevrolet Bolt & Nissan LEAF

Various automakers embarked on their 2021 EV journeys with eye-catching deals on electric cars to prompt users of conventional fossil fuel-powered vehicles to make a shift to EVs. Let’s have a quick look at some of the best deals on electric cars available in the United States:

Kia Niro EV: to start with, the Kia Niro EV was available on lease on an average monthly cost of more than $450 per month. Over time, the South Korean carmaker slashed that cost to bring it down at $290 per month (before tax and license) for a 2020 EX trim model. One dealer, Georgia’s Rick Case Kia, has brought it further down to $191 per month before tax & license on a 3-year lease. California’s Stevens Creek Kia and Oregon’s Power Kia are offering the electric car on lease for $212 per month and $231 per month, respectively. As the official websites of Stevens Creek Kia and Power Kia do not mention state incentives available on EVs, it is very possible that the net cost of the Niro EV actually be lower than $200 per month.

Chevrolet Bolt: some attractive lease deals on Chevrolet’s fully-electric Bolt include lease deals from San Francisco and San Jose area dealers Gilroy Chevrolet and Fairfield Chevrolet. The top three-year lease deal costs just under $170 per month plus tax & license for a base model of Bolt EV. Los Angeles area shoppers opt for Northridge-based Rydell Chevrolet’s lease deal that offers the Bolt LT with DC fast-charging option for $215 per month plus tax & license. A well-equipped Bolt Premium is available for additional $50 per month. In some areas, where lease deals are not available, some hefty discounts can be availed. For instance, Maryland’s Sport Chevrolet is offering a discount of $17,000 on Bolt EV.

Nissan LEAF: Some very attractive lease bargains are also available for the 2020 LEAF in S+, SL+, and SV+ trim levels, which comes equipped with a 62KWh battery that delivers up to 215 miles of range on single charge. Portland’s Rustom Nissan offers the cheapest lease deal for LEAF S+ at $119 per month. However, this deal includes state rebate of $2,500. California, San Jose’s Premier Nissan is offering the LEAF SV+ for $39 per month. But, this attractive deal is not inclusive of taxes. Inclusion of taxes inflates the cost to around $162 per cent month. Both lease deals for Nissan LEAF are for two years.