Alibaba’s awesomely weird $1,850 one-wheeled electric motorcycle is mostly for fun

Alibaba’s awesomely weird $1,850 one-wheeled electric motorcycle is mostly for fun

There is no dearth of awesomely weird vehicles but Chinese technology giant Alibaba’s recently unveiled one-wheeled self-balancing electric motorcycle is perhaps one of the weirdest vehicles on the planet. The awesomely weird Alibaba electric motorcycle is as functional as a common electric motorcycle, with a little sport bike body thrown on the top, but it is unique because of its lone wheel. When looked from just the right angle and from some distance on a dimly lit night, it might be mistaken for a Ducati as its body resembles that of a Ducati motorcycle.

The one-wheeled Alibaba EV claims to have 2,000 watts of power and a top speed of 30 miles per hour (roughly 48 km/h). The whole contraption weighs only 88 lb (roughly 40 kg). So, it is easy to handle. However, this unicycle EV should be taken seriously. While the EV is self-balancing, improper handling could seriously mess you up in a crash.

In terms of battery, it is quite impressive as the manufacturer claims that it could be outfitted with up to 1,360Wh of Panasonic battery, which offers enough power to run the EV for 35 to 60 miles (60-100 km) on a single charge. For getting fully recharged, it consumes 3 to 12 hours, which is surely not very encouraging.

As we have mentioned above, there is not dearth weird EV for fun. The list of some of the other recently unveiled fun and odd EVs includes $1,000 electric boat with four seats, $390 electric go-karts, $4,000 electric pickup truck, $3,800 electric RV with just three wheels, and $1,700 electric two-seater Jeep.

The newly unveiled weird Alibaba EV’s price tag of $1,850 makes it quite accessible for most of potential buyers as even some of electric cycles cost more than it. However, in the United States, the shipping, tax and customs clearance would push its price up to $2,200. It is interesting to note that a brand new decent-looking two-wheeled electric motorcycle is available for $2,500 in the United States.