Con Edison announces development of United States’ first fully electric bucket truck

Con Edison announces development of United States’ first fully electric bucket truck

Con Edison Incorporated, a New York-based provider of energy-related products and services through its various regulated utility subsidiaries, has announced the development of the nation’s first all-electric bucket truck that should be ready to be delivered by next year. Founded in 1823 and headquartered in New York City (NYC), Con Edison has partnered with manufacturers Lion Electric and Posi-Plus to develop and deliver the environment-friendly zero emission utility vehicle truck, called Lion8. The bucket truck, which is a recognizable symbol of electric work, has become the latest heavy-duty utility vehicle to be electrified.

After getting deliveries of the electric bucket trucks from the partner manufacturers in 2022, the energy giant will first conduct a pilot program before including the EVs in its entire fleet. According to the company’s claims, it will be the first electric bucket truck to be rolled out onto the US roads.

Lion Electric, a manufacturer of heavy duty EVs, will build the EV with the support of Posi-Plus as per Con Edison’s specifications. Lion Electric will be responsible for providing its Lion8 all-electric chassis in addition to aerial equipment drive; while Posi-Plus will be responsible for providing the bucket and lift equipment for the zero emissions vehicle.

Marc Bedard, CEO & founder of Lion Electric, said, “Con Edison has proven to be a leading innovator among utilities in the United States, and our all-electric Lion8 bucket truck is another example of the paradigm shift that is happening in heavy-duty transportation. Utility trucks are a prime application for electrification that we identified early on.”

Despite its electric revamp, the bucket truck will continue to have the ability to lift line workers and equipment up to the height of 60 feet. The Class 8 Lion8 bucket truck will offer an estimated range of 130 miles on a single charge, and it will take around 8 hours to replenish its massive battery pack using a couple of Level-2 chargers.

Electrification of bucket trucks, which play a critical role in building and maintaining the electric grid, will help protect the environment by ensuring zero emissions.

Con Edison is one of the oldest as well as largest investor-owned energy companies in the U.S. having more than $48 billion in assets, the energy giant generated more than $12 billion in annual revenue last year. The year of 2023 will mark its 200th anniversary.