Volkswagen to reportedly change U.S. electric car unit’s name to “Voltswagen”

Volkswagen to reportedly change U.S. electric car unit’s name to “Voltswagen”

As part of its ambitious plans to electrify its entire fleet by the end of current decade, German automobile giant Volkswagen Group (VW) is preparing to change the name of its U.S. electric vehicle (EV) unit to “Voltswagen,” media reports revealed. Citing an accidentally leaked press release, CNBC reported that a person familiar with German automobile giant’s plans revealed that the press, which was dated April 29, was regarding the company’s intention to brand its U.S. electric car operations as “Voltswagen of America.” The name change was reportedly an attempt to show how serious the company is about electrification of its vehicles.

For the last couple of years, VW has been making huge investments in its EV projects. With an increasing number of big EV announcements from the brand itself and VW group as a whole, the company continues to pump huge amounts of money in innovative EV technologies.

The management’s seriousness to EV transition is evident from the recent announcement that 70 per cent of its vehicles in Europe will be electric by year 2030. In the United States and China, the company aims to bring its EV sales to 50 per cent of its total sales.

Back to the name change for US operations, VW will reportedly use its normal logo on its fossil fuel-based vehicles. But, a lighter-blue version of the logo will be used to signify EVs. Conventional petrol/diesel-based vehicles will sport the common VW logo badge, while EVs will have an additional badge with the word “Voltswagen.” The person familiar with the plans also claimed that the name change will become effective May this year.

For the current year, the company is expected to sell as many as 100,000 fully-electric ID.4 EVs in the United States. It would mean that around a quarter of the company’s U.S. sales would feature “Voltswagen” branding, while the majority of the vehicles would be gasoline-powered vehicles with a usual badge.

This name change seems to be specific to the U.S. market, as nothing about any other market has been mentioned in the press release. Still, it is possible that the German manufacturer might be preparing to bring the same change in other markets as well.

Governments around the globe are pushing automakers to go electric. Germany has declared that manufacturers will not be allowed to sell gasoline-powered car after 2030. The UK has also moved up its planned ban on new gasoline-powered cars from 2035 to 2030. Many other European countries are also planning to do the same.