Lime launches rent-by-the-minute e-mopeds in Washington DC; Paris to be next to get the service

Lime launches rent-by-the-minute e-mopeds in Washington DC; Paris to be next to get the service

Just weeks after announcing that it would add electric mopeds to its fleet, American transportation services provider Lime is making good on its promise. The operator of the shared electric vehicles has announced that the first city in the world to receive its e-mopeds will be Washington DC.

In Europe, Paris will be the first city to have its roads and streets graced by the Lime e-mopeds. With expected launch of Lime e-mopeds in or around mid-April, the French capital will be the second city in the entire world to receive the service, after Washington, D.C.

With the new addition, Lime’s fleet of shared vehicles will include electric scooters, car sharing systems, electric bikes, normal pedal bikes, and electric mopeds. All these EVs can be rented by the minute. In some cities, these EVs are also available as part of the company’s subscription service.

In the US capital, pricing for the e-moped rentals is merely $0.39 per minute, in addition $1 to unlock the EV. However, the company is offering the very first ride totally free (up to 15 minutes).

Some may argue that the per-minute rental price for e-mopeds is slightly higher than the company’s kick-scooters but one must keep it mind that the e-mopeds are also faster as well as high-tech. The e-mopeds offer a speed of up to 28 mph (roughly 45 km/h). Moreover, these EVs cost the buyer in the range of $3,000 to $4,500. Thus, the aforementioned rental cost of $0.39 per minute an inexpensive alternative for those who don’t have enough money to buy their own e-moped.

The provider of shared EVs said its services provide users with freedom to navigate their own route in addition to provide them with the ability to commute alone with the company’s micromobility EVs without sharing the same close-proximity breathing space with many other commuters in public transport.

CEO Wayne Ting said in a statement, “As the first city to have all three Lime vehicle types, we’re excited to help Washington D.C. get moving again with safe, sustainable, and socially-distanced transportation. D.C. residents can now use Lime to make any trip, at any time, to get anywhere in the city.”

Lime stressed that it gives top priority to safety of its customers, claiming that it has invested heavily to encourage safe as well as informed riding. To access Lime’s e-mopeds, a rider must have a valid driver’s license. Moreover, the EV can be activated only after the rider captures and uploads a photo of him/her wearing a helmet that must then be worn all times throughout a ride.