Hero X8 full-suspension electric scooter boasts unique specs & remarkable performance

Hero X8 full-suspension electric scooter boasts unique specs & remarkable performance

There is no dearth of electric scooters in the US market but the Hero X8 electric scooter available through distributor Hero Rider USA outshines all others, thanks to its unique specs and remarkable performance. The Hero X8 e-scooter comes equipped with a massive5 2V 28.8Ah (1,500-Wh) battery that lasts for several days of sensible riding or one can opt for a good long day of riding to cover a long distance. Its two 1,000W peak-rated motors are powerful enough to provide it swift acceleration, and its large battery stores enough power to feed to energy-hungry motors throughout long distances. It has maximum and a peak power draw of 1,600W and 2,000W, respectively.

Its top speed has been rated at 34 miles per hour (mph), which is equivalent to roughly 55 km/h. A fully charged battery, offers a range of 34 to 53 miles (55-85 km), depending on the option. It may be noted here that the aforementioned battery is the highest-power battery. Lower battery options are also available. As a commuter e-scooter, that speed is helpful in maintaining pace when the commuter gets mixed up with traffic on urban roads. Slower scooters suffer when they get passed on the side of the road, especially dangerously close, by other vehicles.

When it comes to weight, the Hero X8 e-scooter might seem to be quite heavy at 59-64 lb (27-29 kg) but it is mainly due to its large battery pack. Moreover, it ensures that the EV is capable of carrying adults, while ensuring smooth and comfortable ride. Its load capacity of 265 lb (120 kg) is remarkable.

Its front and rear spring suspension further ensures smoother ride. There is perhaps nothing quite like moving along at a speed of up to 30 mph, standing tall, thanks to spring suspension on top of ultra-wide tires. Its 8×3.1-inch tires are make the EV capable of riding on all kinds of terrains.

The list of the e-scooter’s other notable specs includes front and rear LED lights with side acrylic or colorful lighting customizable via smartphone app, LCD display with built-in trigger throttle, odometer, tripmeter, odometer, rear kick plate/handle, optional stem extension for tall riders, key-lock with voltage meter, and five-second fast folding.

The Hero X8 electric scooter is available with a starting price tag of $1,449, though the higher-end models cost more. The highest-end model with the aforementioned massive 1,500-Wh battery costs $1,799.