Tesla offering 50% discount on Supercharging at night in California

Tesla offering 50% discount on Supercharging at night in California

Elon Musk-led Tesla Motors has announced plans to introduce 50 per cent discount on Supercharging during the night hours at its Supercharger stations in metro areas of California. It looks like Tesla is trying to incentivize people to charge at night in order to offset expensive peak demand charges and reduce traffic at busy Supercharger stations. Many California-based Tesla EV owners revealed that they received message as an in-app notification, in which were informed that they could avoid the rush and save 50 per cent on their charging fees if they charge their vehicles after 7 pm and before 10 a.m. at any of the company’s Superchargers in the state’s major metro areas.

It is the EV pioneer’s latest move to help EV owners with network capacity. Last year, the company started testing temporary discounts on the use of Supercharges in the Golden State.

During last year’s temporary testing of the discounted charging fees, the company was charging $0.09/kWh during off-peak hours, less than 33 per cent of the normal price at most of the company’s fast-charging stations in the state.

While Tesla is improving its supercharger network, the company is also trying to incentivize people to charge during off-peak hours in order to offset expensive peak demand charges as well as reduce traffic at its busy fast-charging stations.

The company’s network of superchargers continues to grow and Tesla is much ahead of other automakers in covering the US territory. A few years back, most owners were enjoying free service at the charging stations, but the fast increasing number of EVs on the public roads prompted the automaker to start charging fees for the service. Now, the company is attempting to optimize the network as its fleet is growing at an unprecedented rate, with nearly 200,000 new vehicles being added every quarter.

Tesla has been trying hard to equip every new Supercharger station with more and more EV charging points. Installing more charging points capable of charging EVs at a faster rate has become just inevitable to trim down the average time that EV owners have to spend at charging stations.

The Palo Alto, California-headquartered EV giant recently announced the deployment of its 20,000th Supercharger in the world. With a new Supercharger factory becoming operational in China, the rate of deployment of the fast-charging stations is expected to accelerate further in the coming quarters.