Development of web resources

Development of web resources

Local web development professionals are not always available. This can lead to poor performance in your organization. However, this problem can be solved by an offshore company employing specialists who develop software for web services. The staff working at TRIARE is professionally engaged in web development, allowing you to make your business better and more profitable in a short time.

TRIARE web development

TRIARE is at the forefront of developing reliable and scalable web resources. The company uses a variety of high-tech tools, including:

• PHP;

• WordPress;

• Joomla;

• Magento;

• OS Commerce;


• Web 2.0.

Custom web applications

Our developments are based on the use of a dynamic version of PHP and languages used for the functioning of databases. These are the following languages:

• PHP Code;

• MySQL;

• CSS;

• HTML etc.

Zend, Yii, Laravel and CodeIgniter are also involved for effective web application development. Our company provides their functionality for any platform and device.

Customization of web applications adapts them to the needs of the client's business.
We fully develop such applications, help migrate legacy server programs and optimize the interface. We carry out analytics for your business, develop portals, support and update functions, carry out offshore development, etc.

Creation of web portals

TRIARE creates corporate portals, as well as portals on the worldwide web using CMS developments. The corporate portal uses an extranet, an intranet, and interacting office modules. Portals on the web are productive, cost-effective, and they drive your business forward.

Electronic commerce projects

Our company integrates payment gateways for clients, connects high-quality relevant modules and makes them interact with UX. Our responsibilities may also include the maintenance of modules 24/7. With this continuous approach, your business is automated.

Automation and modernization are carried out by us using open source code.

SaaS products

We support startups by creating quality programs. This primarily saves time on marketing, which is achieved by developments such as a framework, reusable component, or SaaS. Methods such as API, drawing, automated tests, the use of analytical programs, etc. are also used.

By agreement with the client, we can support applications created by third parties.

Web design services

In the field of web design, we use the complexity and flexibility of information solutions, simple but effective visualization, as well as design solutions that are optimal for specific actions. Therefore, the sites we have created can work using a variety of peripherals.

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