Largo Police Department adds two Zero-branded electric motorcycles to its fleet

Largo Police Department adds two Zero-branded electric motorcycles to its fleet

The Largo Police Department, a nationally-accredited law enforcement department of excellence in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, has added two Zero-branded all-electric motorcycles to its fleet. The addition of two environment-friendly motorcycles to the fleet is part of the police department’s larger goal of having a 100 per cent alternative-fuel light-duty fleet by 2030, which is in line with the City of Largo’s sustainability goal that has been set to help cut to carbon emissions to avert global warming and climate change.

According to Largo Police Department Major Ann Starling, the addition of the two electric two-wheelers to the fleet cost the police department a total of $41,000. However, Duke Energy helped by providing the department a grant of $7,000 towards the purchase. Thus, far the city police department’s fleet is mainly comprised of Harley-Davidsons motorcycles. He added that Zero motorcycles have been around for the last many years, and the environment-friendly vehicles produced by the brand have already proved their worth.

Announcing the move, Starling said, “Zero has been around for several years. We went and test drove it. They loaned it to us for several days, and we were able to work through it. The only maintenance this has is really just a carbon fiber belt. That’s it.”

Like many advanced cities in the world, Largo, the third largest city in Pinellas County of Florida, has embarked on the way to electrification of its transportation system as the Biden Administration aims to phase out the use of fossil fuel-based vehicles.

The electric motorcycles have been produced by Santa Cruz-based Zero Motorcycles Inc., which was formerly known as called Electricross. It offers a line of electric motorcycles designed purposely for patrolling by law enforcement officers.

The Zero-branded electric motorcycles purchased by the Largo Police Department have a top speed of 102 miles per hour (mph), and a maximum range of 176 miles, thanks to their Z-Force 75-7R motors with high-temp magnets that offer a torque of 116 ft-lb and 70 hp. These two-wheelers can be used on-road as well as off-road.

In addition to those features, the Zero-branded police motorcycle’s standard package comes with Whelen TIR3 Emergency Lights (front, side, as well as rear-facing), Whelen Siren with PA and microphone, front battery/frame protection bars, stealth mode switch (headlight, taillight, dash light cut switch), and locking tank trunk. The manufacturer is promoting the EV as agile, stealthy, and clean.