EV charger network operator EVgo launches reservation program

EV charger network operator EVgo launches reservation program

EVgo Services LLC, the operator of the largest public fast charging network for electric vehicles (EVs) in the Unites States, has announced the launch of a new reservation program, called EVgo Reservations. EVgo Reservations program enables EV drivers to reserve a charger ahead of time, at nearly one and a half dozen locations in Northern California, Southern California, and the Seattle area. The ability to reserve an EV fast charger ahead of time will increase customer flexibility as well as convenience.

For the time being, the reservation program has been launched at just 17 locations; however, the company has plans to expand its roll out to many other locations in the near future.

Currently, the reservation service is available at the following locations: Charger - Jamal, Whole Foods Market, Oakland; Charger - Patty, Public Market, Emeryville; Charger - Kyler, Gateway Plaza, Vallejo; Charger - Zyan, Davis Commons, Davis; Charger - Yoshi, Walmart, West Sacramento; Charger - Niall, Southside Park, Sacramento; Charger - Danny, Island Pacific Seafood Market, Long Beach; Charger - Joel, Chevron Lincoln, Venice; Charger - Bastina, Veteran's Memorial Park, Culver City; Charger - Emery, Sprouts San Vincente, Los Angeles; Charger - Ricky, HollyWest Promenade, Hollywood; Charger - Sandra, 820 Mound Ave, Pasadena; Charger - Mahi, 76 - Valley Village, Valley Village; Charger - Princess, BevMo!, Manhattan Beach; Charger - Samuel, The Oaks Mall, Thousand Oaks; Charger - Branwen, La Cumbra Plaza, Santa Barbara; and Charger - Fable, Redmond Town Center, Redmond (Washington).

Cathy Zoi, chief executive of EVgo, said the company decided to launch the EV charger reservation program after a number of customer surveys and informal outreach indicated that a large number of EV drivers are interested in paying to reserve a charger to guarantee its availability at a particular location and time aligning with their schedules.

Speaking on the topic, Zoi added, “EVgo’s software solutions team developed a proprietary reservations feature that integrates multiple makes and models of electric vehicle fast chargers with the EVgo back-end software system, enabling drivers to make a reservation either while en route to a charger or up to two weeks in advance.”

On its official website, the network operator explains that the new reservation program will make it very flexible and convenient for customers to reserve a charger before heading to a certain location. For example, it will allow an EV owner heading to a grocery store to reserve a fast charge and get his/her vehicle recharged while he/she remains busy with shopping. By the time, the EV owner will return after finishing a particular task, his/her vehicle would be ready to cover additional distances.

Moreover, it will provide EV owners with the peace of mind that an EV fast charger will be available at the location he/she is heading to.