Nuvve partners with Romeo Power to accelerate V2G adoption by commercial EVs

Nuvve partners with Romeo Power to accelerate V2G adoption by commercial EVs

Publicly-traded vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology provider Nuvve Holding Corporation has announced the signing of a new partnership deal with energy technology developer Romeo Power Company to integrate their respective technologies to accelerate V2G adoption.

Headquartered in San Diego, California, Nuvve has offices in Copenhagen, Denmark and Newark (Delaware). Invented in 1996, its V2G technology is a system in which plug-in electric vehicles become capable of communicating with the power grid to return surplus electricity to the grid. According to its official statement, Nuvve has successfully launched V2G projects on five continents of the world in partnerships with various utilities, automobile manufacturers, and EV fleets worldwide.

Romeo Power is a Vernon, Calif.-headquartered battery technology company that was founded in 2015. It creates energy-dense battery packs, and its cutting-edge EV battery systems deliver more energy in the most efficient manner.

Under the newly-signed partnership deal, Nuvve and Romeo Power will integrate their respective technologies. More precisely, the partnership will make Romeo Power’s battery management system (BMS) compatible with Nuvve’s V2G technology, irrespective of the sort of commercial vehicle.

Lionel Selwood Jr., the chief executive of Romeo Power, described the collaboration of Nuvve as a yet another step by its company to keep on supporting the advancement of electrification of commercial vehicles.

Commenting on the partnership, Selwood added, “We are committed to working collaboratively with industry leaders within the battery ecosystem to maximize benefits to our customers as they pursue extended battery range, safety and reliability.”

Gregory Poilasne, Chairman and chief executive of Nuvve, also praised the collaboration. He said in a statement that he and his team were very excited to work together with an energy technology leader like Romeo Power as it would help them to keep on building an ecosystem of solution providers to electrify fleets of commercial vehicles.

Poilasne stressed that such collaborations were essential to as achieve innovation across the transportation and energy sectors to create a world of zero carbon emissions.

The partnership is also expected to enable Romeo Power to monitor and gauge specific data related to battery life following reduced degradation thanks to its new partner’s proprietary V2G platform. The two partners have plans to share that data with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to pave way for more cost-effective battery warranties while boosting access to clean energy and bringing operating costs down.