SparkCharge to offer next-generation mobile charging for just $25 per month

SparkCharge to offer next-generation mobile charging for just $25 per month

SparkCharge, a startup involved in manufacturing and developing charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs), has announced the release of a next-generation mobile charging system and a new EV charging delivery service with a promise to charge an EV for merely $25 per month.

The next-generation mobile charging system has been named RoadieCCS, while the new EV charging delivery service is called ChargeUp. The mobile charging service will allow EV owners to charge their vehicles anywhere using the RoadieCCS mobile charging system. Both were introduced at the company’s recently-held annual online event called SparkDay.

Josh Aviv, founder & chief executive of SparkCharge, said that they were very excited to bring mobile charging and charging as a service to the next level by allowing users to charge their EVs whenever and wherever they like.

Announcing RoadieCCS and ChargeUp, Aviv added, “It’s exactly what is needed right now for America to catch up with electrification of transportation. Mobile charging is a necessity to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles. Being able to have your EV charged whenever and wherever you'd like takes away the time wasted at chargers, and eliminates the worry of finding a charger that isn't out of order.”

It is more interesting as well as exciting to note here that SparkCharge's new charge delivery subscription service will cost just $25 per month. Subscribers will receive Level 3 DC fast charging service not only at their homes, but also in diverse places, such as street parking, office parking lots, or wherever their vehicles will be.

Aviv stressed that they were excited to see the reaction of EV owners when they would come to know that they get their vehicles’ battery packs replenished anywhere throughout the month for just $25. Currently, most of EV owners are paying more than that per week at a public charging station.

The top executive added that they created the new service after spending hours listening to their partners and understanding their needs. He made it clear that the new service is capable of charging all CCS EVs running on the U.S. roads, such as the widely-popular the Ford MachE and Chevy Bolt.

ChargeUp will not only be less expensive but also faster than home as well as public charging; eliminate waiting at public charging stations; and make EV ownership easy for those who are living in condos and apartments.