All-electric Ioniq 5 hatchback takes Hyundai to new plug-in sales record in May 2021

All-electric Ioniq 5 hatchback takes Hyundai to new plug-in sales record in May 2021

With the launch of the fully-electric Ioniq 5 five-door hatchback, South Korean automaker Hyundai has achieved a new monthly record of plug-in electric car sales (on a manufacturer’s level). The South Korean manufacturer reported 8,977 plug-in car sales for the month of May this year. The figure represents a jump of more than 34 per cent from the corresponding month of the previous year. The new record marks a significant improvement from the previous record of 8,924 that was set in October 2019. In terms of the overall brand's volume, the monthly sales of plug-in cars jumped to 7.1 per cent, which is also a new record for the company.

The battery-powered Ioniq 5 five-door hatchback is yet to be released to customers, but it has already become more popular than all the other Hyundai-branded plugs-ins cars combined.

When we look at the company’s EV sales in terms of type of the powertrain, battery electric vehicles (BEVs) sold 7,760 units, plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) sold 1,217 units, while fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) attracted 898 buyers during last month. The figures represent a month-over-month increase of 29 per cent, 84 per cent and a whopping 163 per cent in terms of sales of BEVs, PHEVs, and FCVs, respectively.

Year to date (YTD), the South Korean manufacturer reported sales of 32,917 plug-in cars, which represents a jump of 7.3 per cent from the corresponding period of 2020. The YTD sales figure represents 4.7 per cent of the company’s total volume.

However, when it comes to YTD sales by powertrain type, BEVs stand at 26,130 units, down 4.2 per cent from the same period of the previous year. Sales of BEVs and FCVs stand at 6,787 units and 4,333 units, representing jumps of 99 per cent and 58 per cent, respectively.

In terms of model, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 EV’s sales were recorded at 5,335 for the month of May and 8,554 YTD. This new electric hatchback easily surpassed the company’s other EVs with regard to sales. The Hyundai Kona Electric sold 1,637 units in May and 12,305 YTD; while the IONIQ Electric, IONIQ Plug-In and Santa Fe PHEV sold 788 (5,271 YTD), 633 (3,771 YTD) and 582 (3,011 YTD) units, respectively. The Hyundai Tucson PHEV lagged far behind by selling merely 2 units in May and 5 YTD.