Tesla honors request for $10K discount on Model S Plaid price for Plaid+ preorder holders

Tesla honors request for $10K discount on Model S Plaid price for Plaid+ preorder holders

Elon Musk-led American electric car maker Tesla Motors has reportedly decided to honor a request in which the EV giant was urged to provide a discount of $10,000 on Model S Plaid for the Plaid+ order/reservation holders.

Many people had placed pre-orders for the Plaid+ that has since been canceled. After the EV giant’s announcement of cancellation of the Plaid+ model, some Twitter users made a suggestion to Mr. Musk that his company should offer the Model S Plaid’s previous price that was $10,000 cheaper to those who had already placed orders for a Plaid+ before its cancellation.

The request was made by Tesla fan Vincent, who later admitted that it was actually part of a re-tweet. The original request for the discount on the Plaid was made by Micheal Hsu. According to Hsu, those who placed orders for a Model S Plaid+ since the company’s Battery Day event last year would now have to pay $10,000 more than others to get their hands on a Model S Plaid. In simple words, if those people had placed orders for the Model S Plaid instead of the Model S Plaid+; they would have to pay $10,000 less than the vehicle’s current price.

Usually, Tesla doesn’t change it stance after making something official. While Tesla hasn’t officially announced anything like a $10K discount on the Plaid for the holders of the Plaid+ reservations, Musk has reportedly replied on Twitter that his company is actually honoring the request. Just because Mr. Musk has tweeted it does not mean Tesla has approved the discount, but it is a significant confirmation.

The confirmation came in the form of a message from Phil Muller on the Tesla Owners Worldwide group, who claimed that a Tesla representative told him that he would get the Plaid at its previous price, which $10K lower than its current price.

Muller wrote, “Just got off the phone with Tesla and received good news. The corporate rep. just told me that Elon has received approval for people who ordered the Plaid+ prior to its cancellation to be allowed to purchase the Plaid at the previous price, which in my case is $10,000.00 less than today’s price.”

The Tesla Model S Plaid+ was cancelled because the EV giant believed that it was too good to be required by anyone. Providing explanation, he said that the Plaid+ would offer a range of over 520 miles (roughly 837 km) on a single charge, but more range would simply not matter when it goes above 400 miles.