Porsche Taycan’s U.S. sales surge over 300% Q2 2021

Porsche Taycan’s U.S. sales surge over 300% Q2 2021

Stuttgart, Germany-headquartered luxury car brand Porsche AG has announced that U.S. sales of its all-electric Taycan supercar surged more than 300 per cent year-over-year in the second quarter (April to June) of 2021.

Sharing quarterly sales data, the German automobile manufacturer said that it delivered a record number of 3,359 Taycans (all versions). The figure represents an impressive growth of 313 per cent from the corresponding three-month period of 2020, when it had sold only 818 units of the electric supercar. It may be noted here that sales were down last year due to COVID-19 pandemic-induced lockdowns.

The Q2 sales represent pretty amazing results for the luxury car brand, particularly if we compare the previous quarter’s results with the total sales volume of 18,958. While Taycan sales grew 313 per cent year-over-year, total sales grew 55.5 per cent during the same time period. The brand’s EV sales already account for 17.7 per cent of the company’s total sales volume in the U.S.

In terms of quarterly sales, the all-electric Porsche Taycan electric car outshined all other models, with the exception of the Cayenne and Macan. However, only time can tell how the widely popular Taycan will stand against the recently rolled out refreshed Panamera. However, the manufacturer revealed sales figures neither for the plug-in hybrid Panamera nor for the Cayenne.

Kjell Gruner, chief executive officer (CEO) of Porsche Cars North America Inc. (PCNA), said in a statement that he and his team members were thrilled by the growing Porsche community of passionate customers.

Commenting on the results, Gruner added, “All of our cars are outperforming expectations, from the iconic 911 to our electric sports car, the Taycan, and our best-selling SUVs. We have great momentum for this year, thanks to a fresh and exciting product line as well as our commitment…”

Year-to-date, Porsche has sold nearly 5,367 Taycans in the U.S. Cumulative sales figure has jumped to 9,911 units. Growing at the current rate, the sales of the supercar should hit the mark of 10,000 units sooner than later. By the end of current year, its cumulative sales should exceed 15,000 units.

The all-electric Porsche Taycan comes equipped with 79.2 to 93.4 kWh battery pack, all wheel drive (AWD) functionality, 2-speed automated manual, 522 hp, LED Headlamp, clock, compass, front & rear head airbags, emergency braking assist, and a lot more.