RAM Trucks to produce & sell battery-powered electric trucks starting 2024

RAM Trucks to produce & sell battery-powered electric trucks starting 2024

Ram Trucks, an American manufacturer of light to mid-weight commercial vehicles, has announced plans to make transition from gas-guzzling vehicles to battery-powered electric vehicles starting in 2024. Owned by Stellantis, RAM has plans to produce and sell a range of electrified commercial vehicles, with a RAM 1500 BEV scheduled to be the first fully electric offering from the brand.

Announcing the company’s electrification plans, Ram CEO Mike Koval said that the RAM 1500 BEV would be the first all-electric offering from the brand in 2024; and that electrification of its lineup would escalate quickly after that year. The top executive added that all segments of the brand will have electric solutions no later than the end of current decade (2030).

Making the announcement, Koval said, “RAM will have a fully electrified solution in the majority of [its] segments by the next year, 2025. With full knowledge of what our competitors are doing, we will surpass their offerings with the Ram 1500 battery electric vehicle built to again redefine the full-size segment.”

With its planned EVs, Ram aims to challenge the likes of Ford and Tesla, which recently officially unveiled the F-150 Lightning and Cybertruck, respectively.

It may be noted here that Ram is a part of Stellantis, a Dutch Domiciled multinational automotive manufacturer that came into existence after cross-border merger between the Italian-American conglomerate Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and the French PSA Group. Koval made the announcements as part of the Stellantis EV Day on 8th of July. Other touch points at the “EV Day” event included the company’s plans to invest in EV-related software; enhance the unique character of each vehicle; and offering a full suite of solutions for private, business as well as fleet customers to help simplify BEV ownership.

Announcing the plans, Koval also noted that onboard power charging would be part of the electric lineup, with charging speeds of up to 150kW. However, it would be quite slow for a huge electric pickup truck by 2024 as Tesla is expected to offer a minimum of 250kW charging speed for its upcoming EVs. General Motor Co. (GM) has also announced that the Hummer EV would charge at speeds of up to 350kW. Likewise, Rivian’s electric pickup truck is expected to debut sometime later this year with roughly 200kW of charging speed. Nevertheless, Ram’s plan to make transition from gas-guzzling vehicles to EVs is encouraging.