Rivian DC fast chargers to be eventually opened to all electric vehicles

Rivian DC fast chargers to be eventually opened to all electric vehicles

Rivian’s upcoming network of DC fast chargers will “initially” be exclusively available to R1T and R1S drivers but it will eventually be opened to other EVs as well; Irvine, CA-based American automotive technology startup announced.

The EV maker has plans to create a widespread network of DC fast charging station, called Rivian Adventure Network (RAN). The company has plans to quickly expand the network to as many as 600 sites in the United States and Canada. By the end of 2023, the network will reportedly offer more than 3,500 DC fast charging points.

Rivian has confirmed that the upcoming EV chargers will be exclusively available for the all-electric R1T and R1S, but only in the beginning. At a later stage, it will be opened to other EVs. The announcement marks a positive sign as well as good news as lack of adequate chargers continue to haunt a large number of EV owners.

Besides RAN, the American EV maker will deploy nearly 10,000 Rivian Waypoints chargers by the end of 2023. Envisioned for locations like shops, restaurants, parks and hotels, Rivian Waypoints will essentially be 11.5-kW AC charging points. These charging points will be made available for all EVs.

Keeping special needs of commercial electric vehicles in mind, the automotive technology firm will specifically design and manufacture hardware as well as software for fleet charging.

Announcing the plans, Rivian said, "For commercial customers, we design and manufacture hardware and software specifically for fleet charging. Rivian’s proprietary charging depot hardware features technology that includes our chargers, dispensers, and power cabinets.”

Rivian-developed software will enable the company’s partners to centrally manage charging for their full fleets through an all-inclusive suite of uncomplicated digital tools.

However, the prices for using Rivian chargers might not be the same for all users. Most probably, Rivian EV drivers will receive “special” rates.

Nevertheless, it is great news as governments across borders are pushing manufacturers as well as consumers to switch from internal combustion engines (ICEs) to EVs as part of their larger effort to thwart global warming by trimming down carbon emissions. However, range anxiety among potential EV owners due to lack of adequate charging infrastructure continues to be a big hurdle on the way to mass adoption of EVs. Thus, Rivian’s announcement of plans to open its upcoming charging network for all EVs is quite encouraging for all those who are mulling plans to go electric when they will buy a new car.