Ford CEO Farley praises Tesla & Musk for leading world to EVs

Ford CEO Farley praises Tesla & Musk for leading world to EVs

After being praised by Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk, American car maker Ford Motor Company and German automobile giant Volkswagen praised and thanked Musk for leading the way to electrification of vehicles. Ford CEO Jim Farley recently quoted a tweet from Musk, and expressed his gratitude the billionaire entrepreneur for leading the world to electric vehicles (EVs).

In response to a tweet by Musk, Farley wrote, “Thanks for leading the way ...” The short tweet was essentially in response to Musk's original tweet in which he had reiterated that Ford and Tesla are the only automakers in the United States that have not ever gone bankrupt.

In an earlier tweet, Musk mentioned a cemetery of automotive startups over the past century, of which even his own company and other automakers like Ford could have become a part of. At the time, the world-renowned entrepreneur had stressed that the cemetery would go larger in the future.

In that tweet, Tesla’s top executive wrote, “The cemetery of automotive startups over the past century is very large & will get larger. Tesla & Ford are the only American car companies that haven’t gone bankrupt.”

Such comments from Musk had come in the past as well. On a few occasions, he even congratulated Ford for its competence. However, Ford executives have not always been so complimentary. In fact, some of Ford executives, including Mr. Farley, used to ridicule Tesla and its EVs. But, Tesla’s success in the past couple of years has changed the mindset of its competitors.

Ford is not the only automaker that has praised Tesla and Musk. Last month, Volkswagen’s CEO Herbert Diess praised Musk and invited him online to an executive conference held in Germany. Tesla’s top executive addressed nearly 200 executives who were present at the conference.

A longtime admirer of Musk, Diess openly said that he wanted to galvanize his company’s executives for a faster pivot to EVs. Expressing his views, the American billionaire entrepreneur described the German automaker as an “icon” and Tesla’s greatest challenger.

With Tesla worth eight times as much as Volkswagen while selling merely 5 per cent of the vehicles, and the Model 3 electric sedan becoming the first-ever electric car to lead monthly sales in Europe, it is more about keeping up, and not catching up.