Facebook acquires FriendFeed for US$50 million; attempts wider web integration


The Facebook attempts to more forcefully assert its presence via wider web integration would likely be fueled after its latest announcement of a notable acquisition - FriendFeed! Though there has been no intimation about the supposed deal between Facebook and the innovative social networking aggregator FriendFeed, reports have it that the deal has been finalized for $US50 million.

FriendFeed, the brainchild of four ex-Google software engineers - who also developed Gmail and Google Maps - not only enables users to share content and links with other followers in real time, but also to transmit that information across other social networks and blogs. It, thus, helps users aggregate all their social networks - including Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr, Digg and others - into one place.

Founded in 2007 with $5million from its founders and Benchmark Capital, FriendFeed - which, according to analytics firm Compete, has nearly 1 million monthly visitors - though attracted a small group of early adopters, actually failed to acquire any substantial footing.

According to the Wall Street Journal, FriendFeed's acquisition by Facebook will help its founders and Benchmark Capital pocket $US50 million - with almost $US15 million in cash and the remaining amount "in Facebook stock that vests over several years and would be worth roughly $32.5 million based on the $6.5 billion common valuation an investor recently placed on the company."