Pew study shows 53% of US adults play computer games

The Pew Internet & American Life Project - which in September revealed that 97% of kids play videogames - has now found that more than half of American adults (53%) play computer games, with one in five (21%) playing every day. In particular, men and "urbanites" are more likely to play than women and "rural-dwellers."

In response to Pew's first study, University of Southern California anthropologist Mimi Ito had cautioned parents against negative stereotypes associated with the medium - video games. However, with the new study from Pew, via videogaming 247, being revealed Ito's days of battling common misconceptions may soon be over!

While younger adults are far more likely to play than older people, the survey of 2,054 US adults clearly showed that computer games are clearly mainstream entertainment these days. The study noted that more than 97 per cent of teenagers play games. As for the adults, more than 81 per cent of respondents between 18 and 29, and 23 per cent of people 65 and older, said they are avid players.

According to Amanda Lenhart, senior research specialist at Pew, computer game fans are not just young men who need to get out more - half of women and 55 per cent of men play computer games.

Moreover, parents of young children and teenagers are big gamers, because they are younger than parents with adult children. Fully 66 per cent of parents or guardians of children under 17 play video games, but only 31 per cent of parents with teenagers play video games with their kids.

Undoubtedly, such 'significant' information can easily serve as ammo in the present generation's crusade against those who wish to ignore the importance and legitimacy of this medium and industry!