Top 10 foods that can make you sick


A recent report had surprising facts about some of the foods considered healthy to likely cause food borne illness.

The "10 riskiest food" list released by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has got the food industry very upset which is understandable.

CSPI examined the FDA-regulated products and found out that lettuce, tuna, oysters, cheese, ice cream, tomatoes and berries were the products that were linked to the maximum number of food borne illnesses since 1990.

As a result, the Produce Marketing Association, the American Blue Fin Tuna Association and the National Milk Producers Federation are outraged, along with other groups that market products on the top-10 list now being pressed into damage-control mode.

The U. S. Potato Board said, "Potatoes are inherently healthy and are not an inherently risky food and they should not be on this list at all, the issue is cross-examination and not potato itself.

The study on the other hand is not suggesting avoiding the intake of any of the foods included in the list. The CSPI is only trying to highlight the fact that even healthy foods can be dangerous and wanting better regulation of these products.

The real problem is that people do not read the fine print carefully. If a word is spread that potatoes are dangerous then people just avoid consuming potatoes and never find out the reason behind such a statement.

It is therefore fair for the food producers to be upset over their products appearing on the top-ten list of risky foods.