Energy Secretary Applauds Companies for Leaving Chamber

Steven Chu

U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu, a supporter of alternative fuels and strong regulation of greenhouse gas emissions, has welcomed the decision of some firms to quit the U.S. Chamber of Commerce due to their different stance over group’s climate change policy.

Chu, on the sidelines of a solar energy event at the National Mall, said that he is happy over companies’ realization that reduced emission is necessary for economic future of America. He also urged the Chamber to change its stance over global warming and said, "I would encourage the Chamber of Commerce to realize the economic opportunity that the United States can lead in a new industrial revolution."

It should be recalled that prestigious companies such as Apple Inc., Exelon Corp, PG&E Corp and PNM Resources Inc. has left the chamber, disagreeing with the latter’s stance over green house emissions. Some other companies have also criticized the chamber over the emission issue.

Chamber President Tom Donohue, meanwhile, stated that some companies are under pressure from environmental organizations and have quit the chamber.