Giorgio Armani designs Samsung’s GT-V7650 smart phone

Giorgio Armani, Samsung

Giorgio Armani, an Italian fashion company, joined Samsung Electronics to present a new GT-V7650 smart phone.

The smart phone is powered by Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5. The 700-euro smart phone, which has been designed by Giorgio Armani himself, is equipped with touch-screen and keypad. The new devise will offer services like GPS plus video player.

Hong Won-pyo, VP of Samsung' product strategy division, said, "Three companies [Samsung Electronics, Giorgio Armani, Microsoft] which each represent their respective industry have met to create the ultimate smart phone with an innovative design, cutting-edge technology and the most recent software."

The rose bronze-colored GT-V7650 co-ordinates perfectively Giorgio Armani suits.

In addition, the phone has 8GB internal memory, support for internet explorer, Microsoft Word and other Office programs.

Samsung Electronics has assured that the new devise will not cost more than one million won in Korea.