Web 2.0 Summit: Twitter CEO stops short of divulging the company’s revenue model

Web 2.0 Summit

At the Tuesday afternoon Web 2.0 Summit, the money-making plan of the microblogging site Twitter still remained a much unanswered question. Despite the obvious information-extracting efforts of co-host John Battelle, Twitter's CEO Evan Williams skillfully managed to refrain from divulging much about Twitter's revenue model.

All that came through during the conversation between Battelle and Williams was something that already has often been reiterated by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone - that Twitter would allow advertising on its site sometime in the future, and that it might provide analytics to give businesses an insight into their enterprise.

The other already-known things about the microblogging site that Williams talked about included Twitter fast-pace growth, the fact that it has raised lots of money, and that it has rejected an acquisition offer from social networking site Facebook.

Williams also stopped short of disclosing anything about Twitter's likelihood of entering into search deals with Google or Microsoft.

About Twitter's long-term model, Williams said: "I can't tell you exactly what the model is, but it's pretty obvious to you that there may be some advertising that makes sense... there's a lot of commercial activity on Twitter today, there's a lot of brand marketers who use Twitter today, and it works."

Williams further added: "We think of Twitter as not a social network, it's an information network... a substantial part of that is commercial and theoretically monetizable information."